Can I Make Money off of Poker?

Even some of the better players in the game today think of this question and don’t know what the answer will be. Most who are running well for an extended period of time will say, “Yes you can make money from poker.” Players who aren’t running so well and going broke will say “no” and the game has become too difficult to maintain a steady income. If you are new to the game, it will certainly take some adjusting for you to start to make money. Even at the lower limits there are still pretty good poker players grinding away. Limits as low as $5-$20 sit and goes or tournaments have consistent regular players seated at the tables. It is hard to make money if you are just starting off with anything for that matter, whether it is a business or it is poker. The best way to make money off of poker is to treat it as a business or a job, and build your knowledge every day.

Treating Poker as a Business

If you start off by treating poker as a business or a job instead of a fun hobby that you only do recreationally, you will certainly approach the situation correctly. Too many younger poker players today don’t approach poker as an investment for their future. Most young poker players have tons of trouble managing money and basically just play until they go broke or win a bunch of money. It’s a difficult situation for young poker players when they do have that one big score because if you are broke for a long time, you will have no clue how to deal with winning a lot of money.

You will spend frivolously and play higher limits, it is just the nature of learning and growing as a poker player; everyone has done it and gone broke at some point in time. To avoid going broke and to grow as a person and a player, you should look into the proper management of a bankroll. You will win some days and lose some days, but you always have to leave yourself a couple of outs to rebuild back up.

Difficulty of Games

The games in today’s world get increasingly harder every day that goes by. There are players showing up every day in tournaments that have never been seen playing live, winning World Series of Poker bracelets. Most of these players are “internet kids” as most of the older players call them, and these kids are sharp. A good majority have won thousands if not millions of dollars on the virtual felt and are looking to translate that into live results. Some do and some don’t, but the reason games are tough is because there are tons of databases for player’s histories, tons of software devices that track hands and games, and forums to gain more knowledge of the game.

Also, there are books, coaching websites, and poker has really evolved over the past couple of years online into one of the biggest industries in the world. Players are better, games are harder to win at, and for some poker players it really isn’t worth it to continue playing the game. You aren’t going to come out of nowhere in today’s poker world and just dominate if you have never played a hand of poker in your life. It just will not happen like that anymore. The ROI for almost all tournament and sit and go players should have dropped off quite a bit in the previous 2-3 years for that reason. There are more players, more knowledgeable players, and very difficult games. Obviously the games get more difficult the higher the limits you play and you should also recognize that some smaller stakes games can be beat with a level of consistency.

Mental and Physical Part of Poker

The answer to if you can make money off of poker or not is really up to the drive of the individual. How much are you willing to do to have success and how many hours of your day are you willing to sacrifice to get there. You will almost always have trouble at first with the mental portion of a poker career. If you start off winning then go on a rapid downswing, it is very emotional and hard to deal with. To be one of the best players out there, you need to keep everything together at all times. One or two bad days can ruin your week and possibly your month. To be the best you need the best mental game out there if you want to make money off of poker. To have the best mental game means you need intense levels of focus and endurance. To have endurance in poker you need to both challenge yourself mentally and physically.

Whether it is by reading strategy, lifting weights, eating healthy, running or anything else, you will need to do other things besides just poker to have the necessary endurance to withstand the brutal beats poker can hand out to you. Tons of poker players get really fat and out of shape just because they don’t challenge themselves with anything besides playing poker. This is a terrible approach to the game and one that will eventually fade you out of a potentially long poker career. Also, it deteriorates your overall looks with acne, grey hairs, losing your hair from stress, fatigue, being overweight, and your outward appearance and interaction with the general public if you become too absorbed into poker. You can certainly make money from poker, but you have to go about it the right way. If you approach poker with a positive attitude and the willingness to learn the game you will be successful. Take a business and professional attitude at all times when you approach the idea of if you can win at poker.

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