Poker presents: Why do you need gifts at the poker table?

Gifts at the poker table help to express your attitude towards your opponents, show your mood or create a certain atmosphere during the game.


A gift for yourself

By placing a certain item next to yourself, you immediately set the atmosphere of the game and show your attitude towards your opponents. Of course, there is also a player status that can be used for that same purpose, but in order to see it, your opponents will have to view your profile. And who would want to do that in the middle of an intense poker game against nine players? It’s a lot easier to just send yourself a gift.

How can you do that? Click on the «Glass” icon next to your picture, and select a gift. At the moment there are seven categories (clothes, pets, things, food, romantics, treasures, toys), each one has multiple options.


Gift for the opponents

You can send a gift to your opponent to express sympathy (or quite the opposite). Among the Pokerist Texas Poker gifts you can always find the one you are looking for — from the luxury ones to the mocking ones.

If you won the major victory and want to thank the players for the game, you can send gifts to all at once. It’s easy, just select the appropriate item, click on «Buy for all”, and each player at the table will receive a gift.


It’s not about the gift; it’s about the attention

It’s important to note that you purchase gifts using chips and coins. Their value will be deducted from your total bill (bankroll), and not your stack. This means you can buy gifts without any risk, especially when competing in tournaments, where every chip counts. The gift does not stay with the player forever — it remains throughout the game and disappears when you exit the application (if they are not VIP gifts).

Also note that a player cannot have more than one gift. So, if you don’t like your gift, you can replace it by buying yourself another one.

Start sending «Gifts” right now after joining a poker table at Pokerist Texas Poker!

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