Matthew Ebner

Matthew Ebner


Matthew is an Apple Reseller and stay at home Dad in Brooklyn, NY. He has played poker throughout his life in many venues including home games, underground card rooms, casinos, and private tournaments as well as online.

For How Long have you played poker? Any Achievements?

I’ve been playing poker for over twenty years. I started with home games and dealer’s choice, and have played many varieties of poker from Seven Stud Hi-Low declare to Guts to wild card games like Follow the Queen. I started playing Texas Holdem in college both in casinos and online. I have been successful playing both cash and tournaments and used poker as my primary income for several years. My tournament wins include many low buy in events anywhere from $50 to $500 buyins with prizes in the thousands. I won a satellite into the $10,000 WPT event at Foxwoods but have yet to have success at that level.

What is poker to you and what do you think about this game?

Poker for me is a social activity mixed with a competitive sport. It is a game that everyone can learn to play and nobody can ever master. I think of it as a mix between chess and rock paper scissors. I’ve seen people play who were pure math players, and others who relied solely on instinct and reads. Obviously the more skills you utilize the better off you are, but my favorite part of the game is its evolution. As players improve new strategies take over old and unless you are willing to constantly reassess your game you may lose your edge. My favorite part of poker is adjusting to the game and the table I am at. Every game has a different optimal strategy and determining the proper card selection and level of aggression at any given table is the consistent challenge that keeps me coming back.


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