Lucky Li

May 8, 2013 Jordan Greene Poker World

The Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon is now down to its final 18 players, and Fanny Li, a woman, leads the pack with over 2,000,000 in chips. Li surged to the top of the chip leaderboard through a series of lucky hands. First, her 3s rivered a set against Kenneth Wong’s pair of Jacks. She then turned a set with QQ after going all in on the flop against a player who already held a set of 7s. She then immediately got all-in with her Queens against another player’s Kings, only to hit a Queen for a third set.

Her remarkable string of luck will be challenged as the last eighteen players prepare to battle. A win by a female would be a great story for poker reporters and hopefully garner interest among other female players in Asia. Good luck, Ms. Li.

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