CNN Likes Poker Metaphors

May 15, 2012 Jordan Greene Poker World

As someone who frequently writes about poker, I am well aware of the temptation to use poker as an analogy for all sorts of things. That said, after a while, a bad poker analogy (or even a good one, if overused) can become tedious. If you want proof, just look at a recent post on the blog.

After disgraced JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently suggested that the United States has a “royal straight flush,” a flurry of comments were left on the CNN website, with tons of additional poker metaphors. Mr. Dimon used his metaphor more or less correctly, insofar as he meant that the US has the world’s strongest military, businesses, best entrepreneurial workforce and deepest capital market, but as the comments came in, the analogies became odder and odder. I’m not necessarily agreeing with Dimon, though. Other commentors argued, for instance, accused Dimon of “bluffing.”

Perhaps the award for most obnoxious poker analogy goes to this guy:

mycorner: “And I bet ’all in’ that he said that with a poker face!”

Good god, mycorner! It’s analogies like that that give poker a bad name.

So today’s tip: Use your poker analogies wisely and sparsely.

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