WSOP Update: Main Event Day 6

July 17, 2012 Jordan Greene Poker World

The WSOP Main Event keeps moving along, with Day 6 recently completing. As of the end of the day, only 27 players remain from the original 6,598 players, who collectively created a prize pool of $62,021,200 with $8,527,982 going to first place.

666 players cashed in the event. When action reached the bubble, the play slowed down to hand-to-hand play, ensuring that each table completed one hand before any of the tables began the next. As a result, there were four players who busted on the same bubble hand, all of whom shared in the 666th payout, for approximately $4,800 apiece.

The final 27 players have each already earned a minimum of $294,601, i.e., 27th place money. Final table payouts start at $754,798. All players who place 7th or higher will win over $1,200,000.

Some pros went deep before busting, including Amnon Filippi (39th), Jason Somerville (69th), Vanessa Selbst (73rd), Eric Buchman (74th), Gavin Smith (96th), Marcel Luske (102nd) and Joseph Cheong (116th).


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