Poker Skill Debate Heats Up in Two States

February 4, 2015 Jordan Greene Poker World

According to reports, State Senator Tyson Larson plans to introduce a bill in his state of Nebraska declaring poker to be a game of skill. The bill, if passed, will allow establishments in the state to offer poker to their customers. By declaring poker a game of skill, Larson will essentially be bypassing Nebraska’s state constitution, which prohibits laws authorizing games of chance.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, it is being reported that a group called, «Legal Poker in Wisconsin," is pushing for a judge to issue a declaratory judgment defining poker as a game of skill, thus rendering it legal in the state. To support their efforts, Legal Poker in Wisconsin has filed a document with testimony from Robert C. Hannum, a Professor of Risk Analysis & Gaming at the University of Denver, in which Hannum explains his expert opinion that poker is a game of skill.


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