The real action takes place in our tournaments! Want to challenge your poker-playing skills against stronger competition to find out how you really rate? Welcome to tournaments — it’s where the action begins!

In our Texas Poker tournaments, players compete for bigger pots and first place bragging rights. Tournaments in poker can feature as few as two players playing at a single table, to as many as tens of thousands of players playing on thousands of tables. In Texas Poker two types of tournaments are available: Sit’n’Go and Shootout.

Sit’n’Go Tournaments

SnG tournaments are held at the single table, starting right after all the seats at the table (5 seats in Texas Poker) are taken. Every player receives a fixed amount of chips without the opportunity to buy chips into the game.

Conditions of participation

In order to join the SnG tournament, entrants have to pay a set buy-in and organizational fee. Player’s buy-ins make the prize pool for winners.

Organizational fee is a tournament entry fee, thus it is not refundable.

In Texas Poker app we have SnG tournaments with the following buy-ins and fees:

Buy-in Fees
$100 $10
$1000 $50
$50K $2.5K
$1M $10K


Everyone plays until he or she busts out of the tournament (after loosing all the chips or leaving the table) or wins.

As players are eliminated from the tournament, the winnings are split between the first three places: 50% of the pot goes to the winner, 30% to the second place, and 20% to the third. In case of draw, the pot is split evenly between the opponents.

Possible winnings in Texas Poker SnG tournaments

Place Buy-in
$100 $1K $125K $1M
1 $250 $2.5K $125K $2.5M
2 $150 $1.5K $85K $1.5M
3 $100 $1K $50K $1M

Shootout Tournaments

Shootout — is a multi-table elimination tournament where a player must beat all of his opponents at the table in order to move onto the next or final round.

Conditions of participation

In order to enter the tournament all players pay $8,000 buy-in.

Available only from the 15th level


In Texas Poker app shootouts go in three stages. After winning in the last third round, you become the winner and receive the prize pool.

The tournament starts as soon as the required number of players take their seats (9 players in Texas Poker). Every player receives a fixed amount of chips without an opportunity to but chips into the game. Everyone plays until he or she busts out (after loosing all the chips or leaving the table) or wins.

You can skip to the second round without participating in the first round by paying two gold coins. In order to skip straight to the third round, you have to pay 20 gold coins.

In the end of every round best players receive some chips from the prize pool. In Round 1 and 2 players who took places from first to third receive chips. In the final round players who took places from first to fifth receive their winnings.

Possible winnings in Texas Poker Shootout tournaments

Place Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1 $8K + Round 2 entrance $60K + Round 3 entrance $2M
2 $6K $40K $800K
3 $4K $20K $400K
4 $0 $0 $200K
5 $0 $0 $100K
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