German Poker Championship Revamped for 2012

In Germany, efforts are underway to resurrect the German Poker Championships, a/k/a the DPM. Due to declining participation in recent years, organizers have decided to set up a tour that will feed players into the Championship’s main event.

Prior efforts to breath new life into the DPM were not sufficient. The largest move came last year. Until last year, the event was held in the relatively remove Northern German town of Warnemünde. Last year’s move to a larger venue in Berlin was a good start at making the tournament more successful and accessible. The addition of the satellite events in Schenefeld, Hannover, Berlin, Hamburg and Warnemünde will only add to the accessibility, popularity and prize pool.

The satellites require a €550 buy-in. The German Poker Championship main event is a €2200 buy-in.



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