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HighOnPoker is a New York City resident, lawyer by day, and avid poker player by night. He has written about poker for over six years at, and has hosted various online tournaments.

For how long do you play poker? Any achievements?

I began playing poker as an infant, learning five card draw from my two grandmothers. I rediscovered the game in high school, where I hosted and attended nearly weekly games. After that, I didn't play again until I was in law school, with a bit too much time on my hands. I was flipping through the channels when I stumbled across an episode of the WPT. At first I thought, "Who would watch this crap?" Two hours later, and I knew who: me. Since then, I've played poker regularly for over 9 years.

When I began playing online poker, I started at the penny stakes. I eventually won thousands of dollars and worked my way up the ranks. My biggest live success to date was placing 24th out of 1,250 players in a WSOP Circuit event. Overall, I have won tens of thousands of dollars, all via small stakes poker over the last six or so years, primarily. I have also written about poker at for approximately six years, where I worked constantly on improving my game, analyzing some of the more cerebral aspects of poker, and mixing with the online poker and blogging communities.

What is poker for you and what do you think about this game?

Poker for me is a hobby, but one that has the potential to be an alternative career path. I am very responsible with my money, but I also have an addictive personality. What this means is that poker, for me, is a constant pursuit, usually at low stakes. I want to work my way up the ladder, and I have already had considerable success.

In general, poker is very much a reflection on life. The game blends risk management, people skills, math, creativity, and luck in a ways that directly correlate with life skills. Just like in life, in poker, you can do everything right and still fail; however, if you are not prepared with the necessary experience and knowledge, you will not be able to take advantage of life/poker when the opportunities arise, and you will truly be at the mercy of luck.


  • Doing Business - A Live Play Phenomenon

    Poker is all about the long term. In any given hand, luck may be the determining factor. You may have gotten your opponent to call your all-in after you flop a straight against his top pair, but if the board goes runner-runner and he ends the hand with a straight, all of your good play can go up in smoke. But that’s okay, because experienced players understand that poker is all about the long term. Your opponent may get lucky in one hand, but if he is the type of guy to call an all-in with top pair, over time you will end up with his money, as long as you keep making that same play with superior hands. Winning one hand may require luck. Winning many hands require skill.

  • Odd Rules Worth Knowing

    Today, we will be discussing some of the odder poker rules. This is mostly applicable in live action, since the rules online are dictated by the program, so all you have to worry about is playign. That said, if you play on Pokerist, you likely have at least some desire to play in a casino or home game, so knowing the rules will be invaluable.

  • Learning Through Poker Discussions

    Today, I want to discuss a hand that was shared over the Facebook group and look at the various opinions about the hand. Without further adieu…

  • Confidence is Key

    Today, we will be discussing confidence in poker, including why it is important and how lacking confidence can be harmful to your profitability. I will also offer some tips on how to build and maintain confidence at the table so you can hopefully avoid the handicap that exists when your opponents know you are not confident.

  • Embracing the Semi-Bluff

    Today, we will discuss the semi-bluff, including when it is most useful and why it is useful. When we are done, hopefully you will have another tool in your poker arsenal to take to the tables.

  • Table Selection

    Today, we will be discussing table selection. It may be the best way to improve your results without improving your skills.

  • Learning from TV: Part II

    Today, we will pick up on another hand from the World Poker Tour’s Alpha8 event from London

  • Learning from TV: Part I

    I stumbled upon the WPT broadcast and thought to myself, «What the hell is this? Why would anyone watch other people gamble on television?»

  • Plug Those Leaks!

    Find those leaks and plug them. Your poker game and bankroll will thank you

  • Pot Committed: Truth or Myth?

    Today, we will talk about being pot committed, including what to consider when determining if you are pot committed and how understanding this principal can improve your game


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